Why are you single?

Relationship concept
Have you every really wondered why you are single? I mean, everyone says that you are so cool, but yet here you are.. Boyfriendless... Chances are you are overthinking the whole relationship concept and you are your own anti-cupid.

1. trying to become his best friend

Listen, there is nothing wrong with wanting to become his friend, but his best friend? Think about the relationship you have with your best friend; it came naturally. Imagine forcing this on him, and that not even being the end goal. By the way, he has enough friends. If you really like him, you will want to be his confidant. Becoming his best friend will come automatically. Don't force it.

2. You are a dudexpert

Yes, a dudexpert. Or a dude expert. Because you have been single for quite some time, you had time to observe your friends making the poorest choices in men.

You tell yourself that you will never be that person, so by all means, you avoid the situations which you have seen your friends suffer from. But you need to understand that every person needs to have their own experience and that you cannot grow or evolve as a person by living of other peoples mistakes. Their mistakes are not your lessons. You need to make your own. If this makes sense.

3. He cannot smell your love

We love to say that boys are dogs. But one thing he cannot do, and that is smell our love and appreciation. If you like a guy, he will never ever ever know, until someone blabs! Unless you tell him, or show him in a very obvious way, he will never know. Solution: The Friendly Flirt. Let him hear your funny laugh, but make sure he says "bless you" after you sneeze...

4. The precious or fat amy concerns

I will like to start by saying that I absolutely love the actresses portraying these characters and that I follow their every move on Instagram, because they are heaven sent and so amazing! If you think that he will never love you because you look a certain type of way, you are wrong. Never seen one of those couples, and will think to yourself like "How the hell did he end up with her? He must be rich and she must be a gold digger!". Well no. Believe in the reality that someone might actually like you for you! It's not a fantasy anymore!

5. Yes, you need (!) a man

Hold your horses ladies! Here me out! Yes, The Pussycat Dolls had us dancing to it and yes Queen Bey had us dancing in a circle to Single Ladies, but really,..what? You can take care of yourself, you are doing just fine... But you feel lonely. You WANT to share your memories with someone, you want late night smooches, you want romantic dates and not just Neflix and chill. You need a man, because you are a human being who needs affection. This has nothing to do with you not being a strong women. Ladies, even Oprah got Stedman. So as long as you put this in your heart, you will automatically become more accessible and succes - relationship wise - will come naturally.


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