15 People Who Underestimated The Cold

They have the frozen beards to prove it

Pray your hair survives the day
1. Think you’re cold right now? Think again. Look at this woman.

2. Or this man who is practically morphing into an icicle before your very eyes.

Looks… cozy.

3. “Snow can be fun and beautiful!” you might say. “Look at how cute these little frozen eyelashes are.”

4. WELL THINK AGAIN. The cold is to be feared.

5. Having a beard should keep you warm during the winter months right? Nope. It’s the perfect spot for ice and snow to form on YOUR FACE.

6. It’s like that feeling when you get hit in the face with a snowball, except it NEVER ENDS.

7. Seriously, if blinking makes a noise, you’re probably pretty cold.

Like wind chimes but on your eyeballs!

8. Oh, you’re shivering at your desk? Hmm. Look at this man who is slowly transforming from a human to a snowman.

Not even a hat in sight.

9. And you know that tingly, painful cold feeling? Don’t worry. It just fades as you accept your fate of being perpetually cold for the rest of your goddamn life.

10. It’s important that you enjoy every single moment channeling your inner Elsa because your hair could snap off at any moment.

11. I mean, there’s nothing quite like your face turning into slush to make you reevaluate your life choices.

12. The cold can freeze your emotions, your hopes and dreams.

13. But it can inspire you, to push through the elements and still remain…

14. The weird and majestic creature that you’ve been all along.

15. So just stop fighting it and finally be one with the cold.


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