Japan Railway Company invests in turtle tunnels

Tunnels for turtles to safely cross under tracks

Escape routes for turtles
Some might be surprised to find out what Japanese train companies are investing in lately, possibly even shellshocked. Partnering with Suma Aqualife Park, a giant aquarium and beach educating people on aquatic life, the train companies started to install tunnels for turtles to safely cross under tracks.

This issue arose when trains were getting delayed from turtles getting stuck in a part of the rail-switching mechanism. Implementing these escape routes for turtles to travel through will keep trains from getting any more delayed while keeping their conscience clear from any turtle casualties.

Since the new turtle tunnels started being installed last April, 10 turtles have been observed actually using these underpasses. Pictures below display the hazards of turtles getting stuck in the tracks, while the second photo depicts them using the underpass to cross the tracks safely.


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