What do You do if You Two Don't Have Chemistry?

Few things you can do in that situation

Solutions for you
It's never any fun to go on a first date with someone you really like, only to find out that you two don't have any chemistry. Of course, there are a few things you can do in that situation. Hello Giggles has solutions for you:

1. The Second Date Theory

If you're lucky, you'll have chemistry with a man right away. Of course, sometimes chemistry doesn't appear during your first interaction. It might take a few more dates for you two to click. So don't lose hope until you go on a few more dates with him, just to make sure that he isn't right for you.

2. The Going with Your Gut Option

If you didn't feel any sparks the first time you spoke, then you might never feel sparks with him. Sometimes, your gut will be able to tell you whether or not you're going to work out. If there's zero chance in your mind that you'll ever work out, then you shouldn't waste any more time with him.

3. The ‘let’s Be Friends’ Option

You don't have to have the same type of chemistry with your friends that you should have with your boyfriend. That means that the guy you like might not be relationship material, but he is friend material. So don't kick him out of your life. Just agree to become friends instead.


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