Popular Boots In History

There are a variety of boot styles to choose from

Boots have practical purposes
When you hear the word “boots,” what do you think of?

It sounds like a silly question, but it’s likely that each of us are quite partial to one single style of boot. Whether we favor rain boots, work boots, or fashionista-type boots, we tend to pick one style and stick with it. But there are a variety of boot styles to choose from, for a variety of purposes.

Most importantly, boots have practical purposes. Depending on the weather, you’ll likely want to throw on a pair of galoshes to keep your feet dry and warm. If you’re going to be doing heavy lifting or other work that requires stability, a pair of work boots will do the trick. If you’re going for a hike in the woods, you’ll want a pair of lightweight walking boots.

But boots can also be a status symbol. In the past century, many styles of boots have become synonymous with specific cultures and echelons of society. These boots are also symbolic of specific time periods throughout the 1900s.

Believe it or not, you can tell a lot about a person simply by looking at the type of boot they’re wearing.

Check out the following infographic from Jones Bootmaker for more.


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