These pre-fab Hobbit homes are built in only 3 days

You don’t need to teleport yourself to the Middle-Earth

Green Magic Homes
Ever dreamed of living in a Hobbit house? Yes, you most definitely have. Well, you don’t need to teleport yourself to the Middle-Earth in order to make that happen. American company Green Magic Homes has the power to fulfill the utter dream of any Lord of the Rings fan with their prefabricated houses that look just like hobbit holes and are built in only 3 days.

Developed to be covered by grass, resembling the ones from the movie, they offer the possibility of cultivating even a vegetable garden on your terrace. And they even have a pool, enough said.

Adaptable to any topography, the mini houses can also be covered by snow or sand instead of grass. Design variations may also be requested to suit the customer. Built from eco-friendly materials, the 400-square-foot house includes everything a conventional house does: electricity, water piping and ventilation ducts. All this for less than US$15,000.



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