25 Times Australia’s Weather Was Batshit Insane In 2015

Shock and awe!

Down under = the craziest
1. When this bad boy brought shock and awe to Bondi.

2. And it looked like a gigantic tsunami was engulfing Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

3. (Poor old Sydney, always getting monstered.)

4. When clouds totally blanketed Tasmania.

5. When “riders on the storm” rolled over Brisbane.

6. When Adelaide had an incredible sunrise and Instagram blew up.

7. When the Northern Territory woke up to this.

8. And when Victoria went to sleep to this.

9. When this “dust devil” touched down near Mt Bryan, South Australia.

10. When this CRAZY rainbow appeared over Coolangatta, QLD.

No Photoshop was harmed in the enhancement of this picture ;-)

11. (And when Sydney proved that anything Queensland can do, NSW can do better!)

12. When an approaching storm cell over Yanderyarra, WA, lit up a mammatus cloud – after lightning strikes had started a bush fire!

13. When the skies above Ettalong, NSW, were ignited from within.

14. When this little twisty thing twisted over Port Phillip Bay, VIC.

15. When this monster turned the lights off over Brisbane.

16. When this guy proved it’s impossible to take a bad photo of Lord Howe Island.

17. When Bec Potter proved that the Aurora Australis are just as spectacular as the Northern Lights.

18. (And that the only thing more majestic is the morning after…)

19. When Morning Glory came to Bunaloo, NSW.

20. When this squad took to the skies above Victoria.

21. When this madness appeared off Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

22. When hail hit Adelaide. YES Adelaide, the hottest, driest major city in Australia.

23. When it snowed in Queensland. IN FUCKING QUEENSLAND!!!!

24. And when whatever the fuck this is appeared over Geelong, VIC.

25. Finally, let’s not forget this BATSHIT INSANE Adelaide sunset during the Cricket World Cup in February. Further proof that Australia’s skies are the craziest!


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