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Now that fall is in full swing and winter is on its way, it's time to start figuring out how to stay safe when it snows. Driving in snowy conditions can be a little scary when the roads are icy and the visibility is low. Safety experts suggest a wide range of easy hacks you can include in your drive to keep you as safe as you can be.

1. Use a Chalkboard Eraser to Get Rid of Foggy Windows

When the air inside the car is warmer than the air outside, your windows tend to fog up. Nip the problem in the bud by wiping them with a chalkboard eraser.

2. Keep Spare Socks in the Glove Box

If your car gets stuck and you have to get out and push, you'll get more traction by pulling on socks over your shoes.

3. Cover Your Windshield Wipers with Old Socks

Pull your windshield wipers up and cover them with old socks. They won't freeze to your windshield that way.

4. Melt Frozen Locks with Hand Sanitizer

When you can't get your key into a frozen lock, rub it with some hand sanitizer to melt the ice.

5. Rub Cooking Spray onto Your Doors to Keep Them from Sticking

Gently rub a bit of cooking spray along the cracks of your car doors and they won't freeze at night.

6. Prevent Ice with Vinegar and Water

Combine vinegar with water at a 3:1 ratio and spritz it on your windshield. This should help keep them from icing over.

7. Use Rubbing Alcohol to Melt Frozen Wiper Blades

Didn't act fast enough and your windshield wipers are stuck to the window? Use a bit of rubbing alcohol on a cloth to melt the ice away.

8. Use Plastic Bags to Keep Your Side Mirrors Clear

Secure sandwich bags or produce bags over your side mirrors with a rubberband to prevent ice from building up on them.

9. Clear Foggy Lights with Toothpaste

Rub a bit of toothpaste into your headlights so they'll shine brighter and make it safer to drive in snowy conditions.

10. Keep Some Kitty Litter in the Car

Even if you don't have a cat, keep a bit of kitty litter in your truck and you can use to create traction if you get stuck on ice.

11. Rub Shaving Cream into Windows to Prevent Fog

Gently rub a dab of shaving cream into your windows and that will keep them from getting foggy while you drive.

12. Avoid Hot Water on Cold Windows

Don't be tempted to pour hot water on car windows to melt frost. The difference in temperatures can cause cracks, and that's certainly not safe.

13. Use a Credit Card to Scrape the Ice

Caught without an ice scraper? Use a credit card to get the ice off your windows. It's much safer to drive with cleared windows, right?

14. Check Your Tires with a Penny

Insert a penny into your tire treads, with Lincoln's head pointing down. If your treads don't cover part of his head, it's time for new tires.

15. Unstick Tires with Cardboard

Are your tires stuck? Slide some cardboard under them as far as you can. This should help you get them moving again.

16. Smack the Hood to Crack a Layer of Ice

If your car is covered in a thin layer of ice, give your hood a good whack and it should crack it so you can sweep it away.

17. Keep an Emergency Kit in Your Car

An emergency kit can save your life if you get stuck in the snow. Keep bottled water, a blanket, food, a flashlight and extra clothes there. You'll stay safe until help arrives.


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