Pizza Guy Gets Surprise $700 Tip

How It Changed His Life

Incredibly kind gesture
For pizza delivery driver Jeff Louis, an early morning delivery seemed like the start to another typical day working at Gionino’s Pizza in Mentor, Ohio. What he didn’t expect was the surprise that the congregation at Life Point Church had in store for him upon arriving with the pizzas.

Organized by the church’s pastor, Ken Wright, the churchgoers greeted Jeff and invited him to walk to the front of the full church carrying just one of the pizzas he was delivering. Once he arrived, members of the congregation lined up one-by-one to contribute their portion of a tip for Jeff — an amount that ended up totalling over $700.

The incredibly kind gesture naturally took Jeff by surprise, and showed those in attendance the power they can have when they come together for a unified cause. The added bonus that no one from the church expected was the impact that this large tip would have on Jeff’s life, which he opened up about in a YouTube video. Check it out:

According to, the initial intention behind the gesture was to tip the delivery driver $100, something that pastor Ken Wright felt would be a pleasant holiday season surprise. The congregation’s response to go above and beyond the call of duty was truly inspiring and helped to bring the amount to a total that had an even more substantial impact on Jeff’s life.

I personally love stories such as this, as they not only remind me of the inherent good within us all, but they also inspire me to organize similar generous acts. We may not be in a position to individually make a substantial financial impact on an anyone’s life, but collectively there is very little that we cannot do.

With the holiday season just around the corner, let this kind gesture inspire you to either organize or be a part of your own giveback action. Even if it is something as simple as packing a few lunches and handing them out to the homeless, we can all make a difference and give the world some more empowering stories to be inspired by!


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