23 Stock Photos That Are Better Than A Personal Traine

Some ideas sound good

Broccoli dumbbells
1. Do some calming yoga in the middle of oncoming traffic.

2. Lay down on the curb next to your bike after a long ride and look really dead.

3. Do some indoor rowing while someone deafens you in one ear with a megaphone.

4. Climb an indoor rock wall with one hand while wearing business casual and still holding your briefcase.

5. Lift a dumbbell while shirtless, wearing a santa hat and beard.

6. Lift a dumbbell that’s actually just two pieces of broccoli.

7. Lift two dumbbells that are too heavy while wearing your office clothes.

8. Play 18 holes of golf on the asphalt of a road in the middle of nowhere in the desert.

9. Or leap around in the middle of nowhere in a desert.

10. Stand in some hula hoops.

11. Meditate next to a full tea set on the beach literally feet away from an approaching wave.

12. Just smash a scale with a hammer.

13. Hunch over an exercise ball and give a big thumbs up!

14. Do some planks and give a thumbs up!

15. Seriously, just give a thumbs up no matter what workout you’re doing.

16. Do some gymnastics AND reading at the same time.

17. Do pliés in the literal worst workout outfit you can find in your closet.

18. Ride a stationary bike in front of cupcake dangling from a stick on a string.

19. Lay on all the exercise balls in the gym and laugh.

20. Go to kickboxing class in a suit and take a conference call halfway through.

21. Do an incredibly complicated yoga pose on your desk and read something on your laptop while wearing uncomfortable office clothes.

22. Run on the beach in jeans and suede shoes.

23. Do whatever is going on in this photo…


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