What Every Woman Should Put on Her Christmas List ...

Tell what you really want

Items for your gift list
When you get older, it's hard to think of things to ask for for Christmas (or any other holiday you celebrate). However, your parents and boyfriend are going to buy you gifts no matter what, so you might as well tell them what you really want. They'll be relieved that they don't have to guess. That's why you should put these items on your gift list:

1. An Oversized Sweater

It's getting cold out, so you need something bulky. Oversized sweaters will keep you warm, but keep you looking cute, too.

2. A Fashion Scarf

If you don't own an infinity scarf, you need to ask for one. They're as adorable as it gets.

3. A Makeup Palette

Instead of buying dozens of little eyeshadows, you can get an entire makeup palette. Then you'll have plenty of new shades to experiment

4. New Earbuds

Earbuds break way too easily. You need new ones every few weeks, so you might as well ask for them. Besides, they're pretty cheap.

5. A Phone Case

Even if you love your phone case, you know you're going to get bored of it eventually. It's always fun to swap them out.

6. A Book

You should always have something to read on your shelf. The more books, the merrier.

7. Ear Cuffs

You don't need to get a new piercing to wear ear cuffs. They'll slide right on.

8. A Jewelry Organizer

You don't want to get all of your chains tangled. A jewelry organizer is the best way to keep your necklaces from getting ruined.

9. Flash Drive

Everything is online nowadays. Unless you want to lose your favorite photos and essays, you should own some flash drives.

10. Perfume

You're going to run out of your favorite perfume eventually. That's why you should ask for more whenever you can.

11. Tv and Band Merchandise

You're obsessed with certain shows and singers, so you might as well ask for their merchandise. After all, you can never have enough of it.

12. Makeup Brushes

You don't want to use the same makeup brushes for months. They need to be replaced, so don't you think it's about time you've gotten new ones?

13. Gift Cards for Restaurants

You love to go out to eat with your friends. That's why a gift card for your favorite restaurant will certainly come in handy.

14. Press on Nails

You won't always have the time to decorate your nails. That's why you should buy press-on nails with pretty designs, so that you don't waste much time making yourself look good.

15. A Journal

If you're uncomfortable expressing your feelings to other people, you should at least jot them down in a journal. That way, they won't be bottled up.

16. A Beanie

You can't go through winter without a few beanies. On all of your bad hair days, they'll keep you looking fashionable.

17. Money

When all else fails, just ask for money. That way, you'll be able to buy whatever you want in the future.

You don't want to get greedy around the holidays, but there's nothing wrong with asking for gifts that you'd actually use. After all, your relatives are hoping that you'll give them a list so that they don't have to turn shopping into a guessing game.


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