Japanese Way Holiday Gift Wrapping Hack

Use this technique and it works well

Step-by-step tutorial
Sending Gifts is essential for Christmas seasons, you may say what you need is to buy a gift bag and put gifts inside directly which takes less in seconds. But how do you prepare gifts under your Christmas tree? In gift bag or wrapped with wrapping paper?! We may use standard way to wrapping gifts y placing gift in the center of wrapping paper, seal the boby first then both ends.

Today we are going to watch a viral video about the Japanese way of gift wrapping, which is very different from the standard technique used by most of us. YouTube user Beat The Bush illustrated a brilliant step-by-step tutorial on how to speed-wrap gifts like they do in Japan!

You may say why should we wrap this way! Actually sometimes when you cut the paper a bit too short you can use this technique and it works well! The whole process is very easy and the finished product will look better.

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