7 Exciting Vacations for Adventurous People

The chance to get away and take a break

If you want an adventure
Looking forward to a vacation is just about as exciting as being on the actual trip.

Planning for a vacay gives you all kinds of anticipation regarding all the fun that awaits you.

Many people go on a trip as a way to relax and unwind, but if you want an adventure, there’s a vacation for you too.

You’ll get the chance to get away and take a break, but you can also feed your need for a thrill.

Here are some great vacations for girls who like to keep things exciting.

1. The Galapagos Islands Are a Great Choice

Located a few hundred miles from the coast of Ecuador, this collection of volcanic islands is a place that will definitely satisfy your need for adventure. There are lots of animals that call the place home and tons of opportunities to do something exciting and new. Add to that the breathtaking scenery and you have the vacation you’ve always dreamed of taking.

2. La Quebrada Cliffs Are Heart Stopping

These cliffs can be found in Acapulco, Mexico so you’ll have lots of other things to keep you entertained as well. Many people flock to the cliffs for cliff diving. If you need adventure, leaping off the 136 foot cliff into the ocean below is sure to give you a thrill. However, you have to be very careful to jump at precisely the right time or the water is too shallow to be safe. If that doesn’t sound like an adventure, I’m not sure what does.

3. The Bay of Plenty is the Best Part of New Zealand

This place is the home of Zorbing, which is the sport of getting inside a ball made of plastic and rolling down the hill inside of it. As you roll down, you will be tossed about and are likely to have the ride of your life. Combine Zorbing with other nearby adventure attractions and you’ll have a trip you’ll never forget.

4. Mount Hua Shan Should Satisfy Your Adventurous Side

Located in China, this mountain will give you a hike you’ll never forget. In between straight vertical climbs, you’ll have to scale tiny staircases and walk on a foot-wide trail make of planks that is bolted to the sheer side of the mountain. You’ll definitely get a heart pumping dose of adrenaline that will make this adventure one for the books.

5. Cerro Negro is the Place for Something Totally Different

In Cerro Negro, Nicaragua, get ready to go volcano boarding. It takes about 45 minutes to get to the top of this active volcano. Once at the top, you strap in and slide down to the bottom on a board. The thrill defying feat is fun and will totally make your vacay an adventure. How many times do you think you could go up and down before you got all worn out?

6. Juneau, Alaska is a Fun Place to Visit

You might wonder how going to Alaska could be an adventure, but the truth is that the state holds one thrill after another. Stay in Juneau and you’ll be close to the beginning of a hike up Mendenhall Glacier. You can also take boat trips among the glaciers if you want a real adventure. In a place that isn’t super populated, there is all sorts of potential for the adventure of a lifetime.

7. You’ll Never Forget Camping with the Penguins

Yes, you absolutely can take a trip to Antarctica and camp with the penguins. It’s not going to be a cushy and zen vacation, but it’s definitely going to be the adventure of a lifetime.

While you’re camping, you get to watch Emperor penguins in action as they care for their young and live their lives.

It’s not a cheap vacay, but totally worth it.


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