Stunning Sugar Glass Art for a First-Rate Drinking Sensation

A real melted glass food artist

Work out all that magic
If you do a little search online, you will certainly find a full recipe on how to make sugar glass art. You need sugar and corn syrup; and some complicated kitchen equipment to work out all that magic: a hand pump, a pot, a cooking thermometer, a fan and some waxing paper. The process looks more like completing a complex chemistry experiment than like cooking. Yet, the final product is edible.

Instead of turning this post into a recipe, let us tell you a story about a real melted glass food artist. Fernando Laposse takes the cooking to the next level, and we all know what that is – food art.

Fernando creates striking rainbow-colored champagne, cocktail or shot glasses to serve refined drinks. Depending on the drink, the sugar glasses are flute-like or short and oval, suitable to serve cognac. Watch the process of glass art on the video below.



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