20 photos which will convince you that penguins are totally awesome

How do they stay so cute in such cold weather?

Fluffy, plump and often clumsy
Penguins have to be one of the cutest animals on the planet. Fluffy, plump and often clumsy, it’s all but impossible for these unique birds to evoke anything other than positive emotions — and those photographers lucky enough to see them in their natural habitat regularly reminds us of this fact.

But penguins have also shown themselves to be very caring parents, and it’s also a real pleasure to observe how they defend, teach and keep their little one’s warm.

Here are 20 photos which will convince you that there’s nothing more awesome than penguins. Seriously, how do they stay so cute in such cold weather?!


…What shall we call him?

Stand to attention!

Be careful not to fall over, man, the ice is real slippy today!

…How did I end up here?

The water’s great today!

Time for morning exercise…

We are live from Antarctica. The big story today: it’s very, very cold!

Looks like he had one too many!

I love these front row seats!

Smile for the camera, son! …Did you brush your teeth?

One day, brothers and sisters, we shall learn to fly like all the other birds!

Well, hello there!

Just chillin’…

Surfing time!

Hey pal, send me the picture later, OK?

No traffic jams on the way to work this morning!

Guys, whose turn is it to buy beer?

Never play with him again!

Darling…will you marry me?

Best friends


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