Blake Lively, Taylor Swift, And A Kangaroo Took A Selfie Together

Feel like a rock star

We knew that Taylor Swift has a lot of friends. Most recently we found out that Blake Lively is one of them. And yes, synchronized jumping pictures are cool. But you know what’s COOLER?

Especially selfies with kangaroos that include Taylor Swift looking somewhat surprised in the background.

And a very personalized Instagram caption.

So glad Blake Lively’s dreams are coming true.

Umm whoever thought I was throwin shade clearly doesn't know I have a "Taylor Swift Please Be My Wife Voo Doo Doll" obsessed Look how rad she is here making my niece Heather feel like a rock star. Love my Canadian family almost as much as I love Taylor Lively. I mean Swift. Ok, FIIINE we can hyphenate our last names. Xo Blake Swift-Lively 4eva


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