Old Bushel Baskets Are Transformed Into Elegantly Rustic Wall Decor

Take something humble and turn it into something elegant

The big beautiful flower onto the wall
Sometimes the perfect material for your next DIY project is standing right under your nose.

There’s no need to go to the craft store when you likely have a surplus of recyclable gems sitting in your closet, kitchen, or garden shed right now.

Using a little color, carpentry, creativity, and an imaginative mindset, most household materials can be transformed into something beautiful.

Take, for example, the bushel basket.

These cute basinets are made to fill with fruit, but can also easily be filled with other decorative ornaments like leaves, tree branches, or seasonal treats.

But master crafter Eve Moore Kiser had other plans in mind for her baskets.

Using the long strips of wood that comprise the basket, she created a beautiful flower wall ornament.

The project requires little materials, the only primary one is a bushel basket — which you may already have stored around the house. Check out below to see how she broke up her basket and reassembled it to make the most beautiful, blooming wall decoration.

Eve initially started with a bushel basket. The size and shape are completely dependent on your tastes, but she used one that was a bit more distressed.

Next, she carefully took the basket apart. This can be done with the back of a hammer, or even your own hands; just make sure to wear gloves!


Next, she divided the basket strands at the fold and used scissors to round the edges off. If you would like to attempt the same project, you can finish the edges to any shape that you prefer.

Next, she took a hat box lid and began to glue the wooden strands around it. She began the next layer further in the same pattern until the entire lid was covered.

The end result is stunning as is, but Eve wanted to embellish it further. She found a strand of pearl and a butterfly pendant.

She then glued the strand around the center of the flower to form a shiny base.

She stuck the butterfly in the center, giving the appearance of a butterfly landing on a flower.

She finished the project by mounting the big beautiful flower onto her wall.

With a little imagination, she was able to take something humble and turn it into something elegant and rustic!


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