Hard Truths about Relationships Both Partners Should Realize ...

The world of Disney only exists in fairytales

Accept the hard truths of relationships
The world would be a magical place if we all found love and it was romance and roses and we all lived happily ever after. However, the world of Disney only exists in fairytales and in real life love is exquisitely joyful and excruciatingly painful and everything in between.

And we have to accept the hard truths of relationships in order to be successful at them.

1. You Might Always Love Each Other, but There Will Definitely Be Times when You do Not like Each Other!

2. Similarly, You May Not Always Find Them Attractive Every Single Second of Every Single Day

3. You Will Definitely Feel Irritated by the Smallest Things at One Point or Another

4. You Will Find That You do Not Always Miss Them when They Have Gone Away for a Period

5. You Will Definitely Feel Some Degree of Boredom at Least a Few Times, but That’s Natural

6. You Will, at Least Once, Find Yourself Wondering if the Grass is Greener on the Other Side

7. Even Though You Are Together, You May Find That You Experience Periods of Loneliness

8. Your Partner is Not a Carbon Copy of Yourself, so Be Prepared for Fundamental Differences

9. Your Heart is Fragile, and It Will Open and Close without Warning during the Relationship

10. Your Sex Life Might Not Always Be as Good as It is Right Now

11. And in Conjunction, You May Find That You Don’t Want to Have as Much Sex as You Used to

12. Being in Love but Still Being Somewhat Indifferent Can Be a Real Thing

13. You Will Go through Periods of Feeling Connected and the Disconnected from Your Partner

14. You Need to Embrace Both the Good and the Bad in Your Relationship

15. The Feeling of Fear is a Real Part of Being in Love, so Don’t Hide from It, Confront It

16. However, It Might Not Always Feel like True Fear, It Could Manifest in Numbness or Ambivalence

17. The Deeper Your Love is, the Stronger the Fear Tends to Be

18. Similarly, the Deeper You Are in Love, the More Risks You Are Usually Willing to Take

19. There Will Be Times when You Are Tempted to Give It All up and Walk out

20. This Temptation to Leave Usually Originates from a Feeling of Disconnect to Your Partner

21. You Will Find Yourself Wondering Why None of Your Friends Seem to Be Having the Same Relationship Struggles as You

22. The More You Try to Avoid Conflict, the More Likely It is to Blow up in Your Face

23. Be Prepared for You and Your Partner to See One Another at Your Very Worst

24. You Will Both Definitely Lash out and Say Things in the Heat of the Moment That You do Not Mean

25. It is Possible to Have Your Heart Broken but Still Stay Together

26. You Need to Accept That You Must Bring All of Your past in to Your Current Relationship; There is No Hiding from It

27. If You Have Kids, Be Prepared to Sacrifice Some of Your Old Connection in Order to Raise Them

28. Speaking of Kids, Life is Tough when You Have Them, and All Parents Feel the Same so Don’t Feel Bad!

29. You Will Definitely Feel Underappreciated at Times, but Please Know That You Absolutely Are Not

30. Don’t Be Stubborn, the Worst Thing That Both of You Can do is to Hold out on Apologizing, It Wastes so Much Time!


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