Looks From The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show That Are Weirdly Hot

You all deserved a second peek at the highlights

Highly-anticipated event
The Victoria’s Secret fashion show is a highly-anticipated event where we are privy to cutting-edge lingerie trends and reminded that no look is more classic than lace panties and earmuffs.

Bra shoppers and chronic masturbators, suddenly very aware of their stomach fat, gathered around their TVs to take in the spectacle. And it did not disappoint. These highly practical looks brought joy to so many, so I figured you all deserved a second peek at the highlights:

1. This look that reminded us that fireworks are the go-to accessory to accentuate that booty.

I hear third degree burns are very in this season.

2. TFW you want to go skiing, but putting on clothes over your underwear is too much effort.

3. Twitter really said this one best.

4. This outfit that translates perfectly from orgy to snowstorm.

5. This business casual attire that really inspires women to lean in.

6. When Donald Trump throws up on you.

7. When you’re feeling self conscious about how fat you are, so you have to cover up with a body suit.

Comparatively, this outfit is pretty much Amish.

8. For those days when you just feel like a sexy endangered bird.

9. This creative DIY look. Take childhood pajamas. Remove most of the fabric. Ta da!

10. For when your hot body starts a fire and then you have to put it out.

11. When the ’70s explode all over you.

12. To save you from those awkward social situations where you don’t have a surfboard on you.

13. The solution to the age-old problem: your boobs love to be exposed in arctic temperatures, but your hands and ears can’t take it.

14. A look for the rare occasion when you feel a little too exposed wearing only body glitter.

15. The perfect attire for when you’re hired to be a stripper at a child’s birthday party.

16. The outfit you wear during final exams when most of your clothes are dirty so you opt for the only things left in your closet.

17. TFW you have to rush from your nude photoshoot to your job as a ranch hand. The struggle is real.

18. When you’re in the mood to wear sparkly pipe cleaners instead of clothes.

19. Just some typical workout gear, heels and all.

20. When you take lingerie shopping advice from your 3-year-old nephew.

21. And finally, for those days when you belong at the top of the Christmas tree.


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