How to Decorate Your Tree so It's Magazine-Worthy ???? ...

You can have your own magazine-worthy Christmas tree

The most stunning Christmas tree
At this time of year the media is absolutely plastered with the most stunning Christmas trees. Yes they probably were planning it back in June and building it since September but they still look wonderful. You might not have the resources but you can emulate them and have your own magazine-worthy Christmas tree.

1. Plan Ahead

It is vital that you don’t walk in to a store on December 15th expecting to buy everything that you need at the last minute. It happens every single year and people always miss out. To get all of the decorations and accessories that you want, you need to plan ahead and purchase all of these things in October when everybody else is still thinking about Halloween! If you still haven’t got what you need by now, get shopping. Quick!

2. Good Lights

One of the key points for how to decorate the best Christmas tree ever is to make sure you have the perfect set of lights to complement the other decorations that you place in the branches. Depending on color scheme, tinsel and other factors, the choice between white lights, yellow lights or multi colored lights becomes a very important one. Remember, it is really the lights that make the Christmas tree stand out in the room.

3. Decide on a Garland

Not all trees need a garland for decoration, but if you decide that you would like one, it is important to layer it on the tree BEFORE you start putting and placing all the different baubles and ornaments that you have bought to accompany it. Ideally, a garland should rest in between the lights and the ornaments; it makes it easier to rearrange ornaments if you feel the need.

4. Ornament Spacing

For the perfect looking tree, you need to make sure that all of your ornaments are interspersed equally across the branches from top to bottom. It may be the case you have to take a step back and assess the situation every five ornaments or so, but the little bit of extra care and attention can make a whole world of difference to the final look.

5. Consider an Accent

Accents are things you can put on the tree that are not necessarily associated with Christmas but still give a lovely finish and look to the overall feel. Accents that have are perennially popular are frosted pinecones and little bird ornaments; they can help to make the tree look even more complete.

6. Tinsel

If you have decorated your tree with lights, baubles and ornaments, but still feel that is it lacking in volume and feels a little flat, then you can utilize tinsel to fill in the gaps and add a touch of shimmering showbiz to your tree. Tinsel and lights combine really well to make a glowing tree effect.

7. Topper

No tree can be classed a real Christmas tree without a beautiful topper! Whether you like to go traditional with a shining star or a pretty angel, or you prefer something more original, perhaps homemade, adding a decoration to the very top of the tree really finishes it off an ensure every single part is decorated.

8. Tree Skirt

A really great way to help your tree blend into the rest of your room is to add a tree skirt to the floor around it. The tree skirt not only looks great; but it also provides that connecting layer from the luxurious looking tree to the rest of the floor and the entire room. It’s almost like an optical illusion! That’s it. You’re done. All that remains now is to take a picture of your perfect Christmas tree to post on Instagram.


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