23 Dance Moves That Changed Our Lives In 2015

Reasons why we should never fear the dance floor

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1. When Lorde made us believe in the power of our arms.

Wrapped in leather, too.

2. When this became goals.

3. When Drake straight up ~grooved~ for 5 minutes.

And we were left with the belief that anybody, ANYBODY could dance.

4. When Christine and the Queens did this BODY ROLL in a SUIT.

5. When THIGHS.

No one will ever surpass Ciara’s thigh work.

6. When Demi was all, “I’M CONFIDENT, YO.”

7. When Matt Healy rocked some glitzy eyeshadow.

8. When FKA Twigs undulated like a beautiful sea creature.

Devastatingly graceful.

9. When Grimes did a jig here and a jig there and gave no fucks to what anyone thought.

10. Just the hair flip.

New bieb. New me.

11. When Lana caressed air molecules like it was NBD.

12. When MØ swirled her arms seductively in a hot tub.

13. When these dancers defied the limits of the human body.

Because they’re secretly dead inside.

14. When this trio made us want to be this effortlessly chill.

15. When Psy turned himself into an octopod deity.

16. When Rihanna smoked a joint to the beat before killing a man.

17. When Selena made us believe it was possible to look good in distressed tees while rolling gingerly on the floor.

18. When Maddie Ziegler did anything.

Oh, and let us not forget the ever-wise Shia.

19. When Mahiro Takano from Sia’s Alive smashed it.

20. When Björk took us on a tour of her engrossing mouth.

21. When Janelle Monáe levitated.

Yogi powers. Actually.

22. When this happened.

23. And of course, when these girls made us all want to be their BFFs.

On fire. The real reason for JB’s comeback. Sorry.


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