Dad Comes Up With Brilliant Solution To Feed A Baby Who Refuses To Eat

A “natural” solution to his predicament

Technically “breastfeeding”
Newborn babies can be quite fickle at times. Especially for new parents who have never gone through it before, there could be loads of reasons why a baby won’t eat or won’t stop crying! So when one young mother sadly had to go back to work, dad was left home alone for the day and saw that his beautiful little girl was hungry.

Even if babies are hungry, sometimes they just refuse to eat, but this amazing dad came up with a “natural” solution to his predicament. Cutting a small hole in his shirt, this guy solved his problem nearly instantly. Not only is his newborn happily feeding at the right time, but he’s also getting the chance to bond with a baby in a way that usually only moms are used to!

That’s because this amazing dad is technically “breastfeeding” his little girl just like mom! He slipped a bottle through that small hole and it doesn’t seem like his girl knows the difference between mom and dad! While it’s a shame that mom has to go back to work so soon, it’s really great that this newborn gets the chance to properly bond with her dad just as much as she does with her mom!


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