Inspiration for a Non-Traditional Holiday Tree Décor Scheme???? ...

The tree is the main focus

Sorts of fabulous ways
I’m very much a red, green and gold and heavy on the Victorian accents gal for Christmas but that doesn’t stop me admiring and appreciating non-traditional décor themes. I just love Christmas so much and love to see homes decorated in all sorts of fabulous ways for the Holidays. I’m bringing you some great Holiday décor schemes – most will be trees, because after all, for most of us, the tree is the main focus.

1. Red, White and Turquoise

Turquoise is a great modern Christmas color.

2. Lilac and White

What I love about this is how the color scheme is extended to under the tree. (Something I like to do too.)

3. Brown and Bronze

This tree and its colors would certainly be a talking point.

4. Candy Colors

Fabulous. It looks like an explosion in a candy store.

5. Rainbow

So clever and so eye-catching.

6. Down to Earth

Brown is an unusual color for Christmas décor but it looks so natural. This would go great in a room decorated in earth tones and neutrals.

7. Teal and White

Doesn’t this just shout “Frozen”?

8. Green and White

It’s fresh. It’s crisp. It’s pretty.

9. Pink and Orange

There’s a definite retro feel to this and I think the minimalist tree décor really helps that.

10. Purple. Blue and Berry Red

Want to give Christmas a bold twist this year? This is a glamorous look. Don’t you think?

11. Tiffany Blue

Have this color and hope for those special blue boxes under the tree ^_^

12. Natural Tree

A delight for the countryside lover.

13. Red, Pink and Blue

This is a very clever way to match your Christmas décor with your room décor.

14. Jewel Tones

All I can say to this whole theme and room is WOW!

15. Pink and Turquoise

The gold acts as a great accent to the bright pinks and turquoises.

16. Black Gold and White

Bring a touch of glitz and glamour to your Holiday home.

17. Shabby Chic

Muted colors are key to creating a shabby chic theme.

18. Baby Colors

If you want to make a big thing of Baby’s first Christmas here’s your inspiration

19. A Riot of Color

Using a white tree really makes the colors pop. It would be nice on a green/other tree but the white works extremely well.

20. Raspberry and Orange

Sounds and looks good enough to eat.

21. White Explosion

White is magical even in a neutral room.

22. Pink, Pink and More Pink

It may look like a bottle of Pepto Bismol but what’s Christmas without a lot of schmaltz?

23. Black and White Ombré

Why shouldn’t Christmas trees follow our favorite trends?

24. Silver on Black

Of course, this depends on being able to find a black tree.

25. Blue and Silver

Blue isn’t such a non-traditional color but you can make a real showpiece when you combine it with silver.

26. Red, Black and White

The black gives a classic combo a new dimension.

27. Pretty in Pink

I think this is my favorite pink one.

28. Tangerine Dream

Christmas isn’t the same without all sorts of the smaller orange fruit types so why shouldn’t they be inspiration for your tree color?

29. Plaid and Burlap

You get a rustic feel to your tree when you use burlap.

30. Peacock and Copper

Roll that around your tongue. What color you having this year? Really? I’m having peacock and copper!

31. Pink Tree

With such a gorgeous colored tree you can use clear baubles to great effect.

32. Orange and Burgundy

Classy and statement-making.

33. Green on Green on Green

I’m dreaming of a green Christmas...


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