This couple quit their jobs and used their wedding budget to sail the world instead

The sailing idea was a way to travel

Simplify and get rid of the stuff
Charlie Smith, a 29-year-old model, and her fiancé, "Captain," 34, were renovating homes in the Channel Islands when they decided to give up life as they knew it and set sail the high seas.

The couple postponed their wedding, quit their jobs, and bought a boat.

"We were keen to cleanse our lives, simplify and get rid of the stuff that accumulates over time," Charlie tells Insider.

"We had been pondering further travel for years whilst working and renovating residential properties," she says. "The prospect of lugging backpacks around the world sleeping in hostels didn’t seem like the break we wanted. The sailing idea was a way to travel but take our 'nest' with us."

A few boating and safety classes later, the seafaring novices said farewell to their families and have been exploring the world by boat full time since May. So far, they've been to France, Spain, Italy, Elba, Corsica, Sardinia, the Baleric Islands, and Barcelona — all the while documenting their travels.

This is Charlie Smith. She's a 29-year-old model and TV host from New Zealand.

This is her 34-year-old British fiancé, known as "Captain." The couple were both renovating residential properties in Jersey, Channel Islands, before they quit their jobs and set sail.

The couple got engaged in 2013 but "wedding plans have been put on hold as we spent the wedding budget on a boat!" Charlie told Insider.

Today, the couple live and travel full time on this 38.5-foot Dufour sailing boat they named "Silver Paws." They both take plenty of photos of each other along the way.

They blog about their adventure on social media and their website, Captain and Charlie. Their tagline reads: "See you later, bricks and mortar ... We sold the house and bought a floating home of our very own to follow the winds, explore the seas, play."

"Neither of us had lived on a boat before. We knew we didn't have nearly enough sailing experience to undertake such a feat, but we did it anyway," Charlie tells Insider. "Sometimes it's not worth waiting for 'ready' — you just got to throw yourself in and learn along the way. We took every RYA skipper, sea survival, and first aid course we could get ourselves onto before we set off."

At night, they cozy up in the boat's interior.

But by day, they explore the high seas.

So far, the couple have been to France, Spain, Italy, Elba, Corsica, Sardinia, and
the Baleric Islands.

They have been in Barcelona for the last month, but will head home to see family over the holidays.

The couple keep busy by sightseeing.

"Every day is a water sport because every day we are on the boat," says Charlie.

"If we aren’t sailing ... "

" ... then we are anchored somewhere enjoying the sea."

"We paddle board and swim most days."

"Every few days we go ashore to explore a new town or stock up the boat with fresh food," Charlie says. "It doesn’t always go to plan, we’ve spent a few nights at anchor where the wind has unexpectedly picked up and we’ve taken turns to sit through the night on blurry eyed anchor watch."

The couple have even had friends come visit. "Getting them to join us is logistically harder then we thought, they are so keen but it’s hard for us to know where and when we are going to be somewhere, we are at the whim of the weather and have to go with the flow. The ones that have made it were the most determined and we are so thankful they did."

There is also plenty of downtime.

Captain even set up a hammock.

And Charlie spends plenty of time on the boat, too.

But her favorite part of the experience, says Charlie, "are days at anchor, in a beautiful bay with clear warm water in addictive shades of blues and greens."

"We were keen to cleanse our lives, simplify and get rid of the stuff that accumulates over time," Charlie tells Insider.

Not a bad life.


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