Living Ink is the first time-lapse bio-ink

Stop causing damage to the environment and to our health

Safer and more natural substitute to ink
We are already so used to dealing with toxic substances in our day-to-day lives that we never actually stop to think about the harm they could cause the environment. But a group of scientists aware of the problems caused by substances found in regular ink used in printers and pens, decided to find a safer and more natural substitute to ink so we would stop causing damage to the environment and to our health – but they ended up making a discovery that was far more interesting.

The research conducted involved the use of algae instead of the toxic materials like heavy metals and tar used to manufacture regular ink. During the process, scientists realized that they had created an invisible ink that only appears after being exposed to light for a few days. So that’s how Living Ink was born.

Living Ink has 2 different types of pens: one with the fast ink that comes out pink then fades and grows to become visible again in one to two days; and the slow ink which comes out blue then fades, growing visible again in three to four days. The idea is to allow anyone to create what they call a time-lapse drawing.

The Living Ink works that way because the pen has a small amount of algae, cyanobacteria, and chlorophyll. They disappear minutes after you finish your drawing but reproduce rapidly when exposed to sunlight, which causes the pattern to reappear. To make this possible, you must use a small greenhouse that looks like a picture frame and comes with the kit.

Once ready, the design can be removed from the greenhouse and they claim the paint lasts for at least at least two years. Living Ink Technologies is seeking crowdfunding through Kickstarter and has already managed to earn almost twice their $15,000 goal with still 32 days of campaign left. The Living Ink starter kit is available starting at $25 and is estimated to be delivered by July 2016.


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