Save Your Cash This Christmas with These DIY Gifts ...

You can make yourself

All sorts of gifts
So, I don't know about you guys, but this year, I am absolutely broke! That means, that I am constantly looking for DIY gifts that I can give out this holiday season. Are you in the same boat? Look below and you'll find all sorts of gifts that you can make yourself!

1. For the Sewer in Your Life

2. For the Cook in Your Life

3. The Wine-lover in Your Life Will Love These

4. Cute & Easy to Make

5. For That Person That Loves Tea

6. Sharpie + Mug = Awesome Personalized Gift

7. Bath Salts for the Spa-lover

8. Another Beautiful Gift for a Cook

9. For the Man in Your Life

10. Bake Some Caramel

11. Homemade Gift Baskets Are the Best!

12. Serving Platters Anyone?

13. Terrarium in a Jar!

14. Who Doesn't Love a Foot Soak?

15. Book Necklace Anyone?

16. Dress up Your Man's Favorite Pack of Beer

17. Man Pillows!

18. Instragram Photo Lamp

19. Beautiful Book Marks


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