19 Perfect Gifts For People Who Hate People

For any taste!

Go away!
1. This cross-stitch pattern that is sure to get the message across:

2. Or this cross-stitch pattern with your life motto:

3. These earrings that get the point across in an adorable way:

4. This computer decal to make sure everyone at Starbucks leaves you alone:

5. This shirt to protect you everywhere while also making sure you look cute:

6. This car decal to alert everyone driving near you that you can’t be bothered:

7. And this bracelet to hopefully ward off everyone:

8. This notebook to keep track of the important things in life… like people you hate:

9. This mug, perfect for sipping your haterade:

10. This print to hang in your home and remind everyone to please avoid interaction if at all possible:

11. This card, perfect for when you find someone you DON’T hate:

12. Or these earrings for when you can’t find anyone you like:

13. This sweatshirt for when you’re cold… but also dislike people:

14. This wall print to remind yourself that you are, in fact, great:

15. Or this bracelet that is both cute AND accurate:

16. This ring that pretty much sums up every thought you’ve ever had:

17. This necklace that serves as a reminder to pretty much always stay in bed:

18. This framed cross-stitch to welcome you home after a day of being around people:

19. And this wine glass for when all else fails:


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