What Couples Say Vs What They Actually Mean ...

You don't always say what you mean

Little comics about what couples
When you're just starting out a new relationship, you don't always say what you mean. College Humor knows all about that. That's why they've created these little comics about what couples say vs what they actually mean:

1. Texting

You're going to overanyalze everything you do when you start a new relationship.

2. Sex

You don't want to offend him, after all.

3. Meeting Friends

You want them to like you, so you'll try your best to fit in.

4. Paying for Dinner

If you end up paying, you'll hope you actually have enough money.

5. Sleeping

Everyone has annoying sleeping habits, anyway.

6. Toothbrushes

A toothbrush signals major commitment.

7. Facebook Official

Sometimes, relationships are scary.


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