Distinctly Sophisticated Pastel Colors Painted by a Polymath Artist

Using oil, acrylic and soft pastel technique on canvas

Delicate softly painted works
While you may have heard of the word polymath, we have just discovered a new, viral, practical, pop word for people who have multiple skills and talents: multipotentialite! We don’t think it is out of place – when there are socialites, why there wouldn’t be multipotentialites? At least, here is one. Laelie Berzon is a visual artist from Melbourne, Australia, who works as a painter and as a furniture designer at the same time. Her delicate softly painted works are made by using oil, acrylic and soft pastel technique on canvas. In the paintings, Laelie presents a world of deep emotions in an ever-floating world. Berzon co-owns the furniture business Something Beginning With (SBW) together with the famous Australian industrial designer Lisa Vincitorio.They work along using a sophisticated colour palette that turns imaginative internal blends into visually pleasurable and charismatic interior design ideas. Here is a selection of paintings – for furniture beauty, visit SBW.



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