17 Situations That Are Made Better By The Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Won't you agree?
1. Getting pulled over by the cops.

2. Your sister stepping on your phone.

3. Losing your dog.

4. Getting stuck in a traffic jam.

5. Dealing with student debt.

6. That loud annoying guy on the bus.

7. Getting into a fight with your best friend.

8. Your jerk boss yelling at you.

9. Your mom forcing you to do your stupid homework.

10. Your boyfriend refusing to clean up at his own sports party.

11. Those dang teens bothering you at the movie theater.

12. Finding out that tickets to the Imagine Dragons concert are sold out.

13. Your kids fighting over a toy.

14. Being forced to eat gross vegetables.

15. The car breaking down during a road trip.

16. Being on a plane with a screaming baby.

17. Getting rejected from college.


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