41 Photos That Basically Prove People In Dubai Have Too Much Money

Prepare to feast your eyes on all the opulence and excess that Dubai has to offer

Play the role of the rich and carefree
Dubai is the land of extravagance where millionaires and billionaires go to play. I have to admit, I’d love to go play the role of the rich and carefree: Who wouldn’t want to drive around in a Lamborghini, or go to an ATM and have bars of gold come out? It would be a blast to play tennis on top of the world, or to place your bets on robot driven camels. And who would say no to having friends over to play foosball on a jewel-encrusted table? Check out these photos of the amazing city below – and prepare to feast your eyes on all the opulence and excess that Dubai has to offer.

Dubai, home to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa

Also, home of the largest shopping mall!

The largest flower garden in the world? Dubai’s Miracle Garden.

The Atlantis Hotel lobby.

What hotel isn’t complete without an aquarium?

And of course, Starbucks, located nearby.

There are two sets of man made islands in Dubai.

If your car gets damaged, get another one.

The World Islands, made to look like a map of the world.

In Dubai, you can ski any day of the year.

Or surf, any day of the year.

Or ride dune buggies.

How about a warm beverage in the Ice Cafe, in the middle of the desert?

You can watch camel races.

The camels are jockeyed by robots.

Only in Dubai!

A car graveyard full of some of the most expensive cars made, including this Ferrari.

Stuck in traffic? Enjoy the car show.

The police upgraded their fleet to include Lamborghinis.


The police also have other vehicles.

The fire department has to keep up with the Jones’.

Gold SUVs are common.

This would be easy to find in the parking lot.

If you don’t have a car, how about public transportation?

Short on gold, how about this ATM?

I wonder what the fees are

Need a little bling?

Time to upgrade your cell phone?

I wonder how many “bars.”

I’ve played a lot of foosball, but never on a table like this.

It’s Dubai, anything goes.

White gold Mercedes, why not?

I’m Batman.

Is that Elvis, driving the streets of Dubai?

The Palm Islands, with large branches going outward, covered in luxury homes.

Just a night out on the town.

The $500 a second jet-pack ad.

No trip to the mall is complete without the $1223 Golden Phoenix cupcake.


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