7 Times Robert De Niro Said Something That Made It Seem Like He Sleeps In A Sleeping Bag Instead Of A Bed

Decide for yourself where you think Robert De Niro sleeps

A few choice quotes
Over the course of his legendary career, Robert De Niro has played such iconic roles as Jake LaMotta, Travis Bickle, and a young Vito Corleone. During this time, he has also said many things to the press that make it seem like he possibly sleeps in a sleeping bag instead of a bed. Check out a few choice quotes below, and then decide for yourself where you think Robert De Niro sleeps.

1. “My bedroom pretty much looks like anyone else’s, except for one major difference.”

2. “I really relate to characters who like falling asleep on the floor.”

3. “There’s nothing like going home after a long day at work and falling asleep the moment you zip yourself up.”


4. “Sorry if I look a little tired; I had to sleep on the couch last night. Wife kicked me out of the bag.”

5. “My life is like one long slumber party.”

6. “I’ll never forget my experience filming The Godfather Part II. First day of filming, early morning shoot, I showed up late to set because my zipper had gotten stuck and I couldn’t get out of where I always sleep. Second day? Same thing, regarding the zipper. But the third day? It didn’t get stuck, and I showed up on time! For the rest of filming, the zipper would go back and forth between getting stuck and not stuck on the thing I sleep in, and Francis Ford got progressively more fed up with me, completely unsympathetic to my zipper problem. The last thing he said to me before we wrapped was ‘Go die in Vietnam.‘ Yikes, right? You have to understand, this was during the Vietnam War. If I went to Vietnam, I could have very easily died. Oh well. Anyway, it was tough, but getting to win an Academy Award at the end of all that was definitely worth it.”

7. “I’m in a sleeping bag every day for about six to eight hours.”


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