15 Funny, Shocking, And Truly Weird Real-Life Coincidences

“He then looked me dead in the eye and said: ‘Well, I’m your brother!’”

The strangest coincidences
We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us some of the strangest coincidences they had ever experienced. Here are 15 of the best responses.


2. A few years ago I was at a friend’s house for a sleepover when her mom noticed the birthmark on my forehead. She said: “Were you in a car accident when you were younger?” When I said yes, she pulled out an old coat with some blood stains on it. She told me that the accident had happened in front of their old house, and when she saw it she came outside and wrapped her coat around me. We had both moved since, and I hadn’t met her daughter until that school year.

3. I went to Australia for a gap year (well gap summer holiday really, I was skint so could only afford it for three months). On a night out, in the middle of Cairns, I met a British guy called Harry in a bar. We chatted for a short time about each of our trips without indicating what we were doing in the future. We then wished each other all the best and went our separate ways.

Three months later I started University and in my first seminar out of 30 people, in York, at the other side of the world, taking the same course as me, there he was. And when I went up to him and said hello he didn’t even flinch.


5. I went to Goodwill looking for some decorative items. I found a beautiful vase that I just loved, but I couldn’t find any other pieces that would go with it, so after picking that vase up and setting it down probably a half a dozen times, I settled on three other items and I left the vase behind.

Fast forward about 3 months, I met and began to date a wonderful man. On our 3rd date he invited me to have dinner at his apartment. What did I see on his entertainment center? The vase! I wasn’t quite convinced that it was the same one until I turned it over to see the Goodwill price tag still on the bottom.

That wonderful man and I now live together, so I actually did end up with that beautiful vase in my life after all, with the added bonus of a caring boyfriend who also happens to share my taste in interior decor.

6. I dressed as The Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland for a formal dinner Halloween party. There was a seating plan, which had been done weeks before the party, and the guy sitting next to me (whom I’d never met) was dressed as the Cheshire Cat. It was a party with around 200 guests and we were the only ones in Alice in Wonderland costumes.


8. I live in England. One year, my husband and I traveled to a remote Scottish campsite run by a couple. When we arrived, the husband showed us to our pitch and said: “Oh, your accent is familiar, where are you from?” I said “Bolton” and he said “oh, me too! Whereabouts?” I said the name of the area where we live. He said “me too! Where exactly?” I said the street name. He asked the house number. It turned out he and his wife used to live in our house.

9. My mother moved to England from Hong Kong when she was 7, and would tell me about this girl she became best friends with on her road. The girl moved away and she never knew where she moved to; she would always wonder what happened to her. Fast forward to me aged 14, I got my first boyfriend. It was parent/teacher night at our school and our mothers met for the first time. It turns out my boyfriend’s mum was the girl my mum had been talking about!


11. A few years ago my younger sister and I were shopping at the mall. I am older with dark hair, and she is younger with blonde hair.
I kept hearing someone yelling my name, but it wasn’t my sister. So I start calling out for my sister, and this other lady started turning her head towards me. It turned out we were at the mall with a second set of sisters who had the same names as us, were born both 18 months apart (like us), and even had the same hair colors.

12. Some years ago, an ex-girlfriend and I I were having a drink at a local pub near our uni. After a few beers I started to sing Hello, I Love You by The Doors into her ear. Her response to my romantic gesture was one of suspicion and shock. She asked “have you been reading my diary?” I had no idea she even had a diary, but later that evening she showed me that years before she had written: “All I want is to meet someone and for them to sing Hello, I Love You to me.”


14. I went for an ultrasound scan to check for gallstones, when I went in they started looking for a baby, which I’d already had four months previously. We were all very confused, until I went back out to the waiting room and there was another woman the same age as me with exactly the same name; the same appointment time, who was meant to be having a pregnancy scan. Very odd.

15. I was out at the pub with my then-boyfriend when he spotted his friend. He was someone I had met very briefly only days ago, but who my boyfriend had known since childhood.

The friend joined us for a few drinks. I mentioned that I had family from the same place that they were born and had grown up. The friend asks me what my family’s name was. He then looked me dead in the eye and says: “Your dad isn’t (name)?” I reply that he was. He replied: “Well, I’m your brother!”

It turns out that my dad had a son from a previous relationship, something I had no idea about, and he was sitting right across from me. You could have picked my boyfriend’s jaw up from the floor, he was that shocked. I guess its the closest thing to fate that I’ll ever believe.


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