Can't Stand Cookies? 7 Alternatives Santa Will Adore ...

Some alternatives that Santa might like munching on

Santa loves to eat cookies?
Little kids assume that Santa loves to eat cookies, because that's what they've been taught by movies and books. Of course, the "Santa" that visits your home might not be the biggest fan of cookies, so why would you encourage your children to leave that snack out for him? There are plenty of other things that they can put on a plate for old Saint Nick. Here are some alternatives that Santa might like munching on more than cookies this year:

1. Brownies in Cookie Cutter Shapes

If your kids usually like to make cookies, because they get to use cookie cutters, you could make brownies instead this year. After all, you can use those cookie cutters on a plate of brownies just as easily as you would with a plate of cookies. The only difference is that Santa will get a change of pace, and get to eat something a little more scrumptious than usual.

2. Carrots for the Reindeer

Everyone focuses on Santa, but no one pays attention to the hard working reindeer. After all, Santa is receiving cookies from millions of kids in a short amount of time. He doesn't need anymore food to fuel him. The reindeer are the ones in need of a snack. Besides, they're the ones that have to fly around. Santa simply has to slide down a chimney.

3. Healthy Muffins

Muffins aren't as unhealthy as cookies are. If Santa wants to stick to his diet, then you can ask your children to leave out a few muffins for him instead. That way, he won't feel like he's being forced to eat something that he swore he would stay away from.

4. Assorted Chocolate

Everybody loves chocolate, so why wouldn't Santa? If you still have candy left over from Halloween, then you could put it to good use. You have to get rid of it eventually, anyway. You might as well save cash and give Santa the chocolate that you already have stored in your cabinets.

5. Fruit

If you want to encourage your children to eat healthy, then don't tell them that Santa likes cookies. Let them know that even someone as special as Santa enjoys his health food. If they know that their favorite person in the world loves to eat apples and bananas, then they'll be more likely to do the same in the future.
6. Sandwiches

Maybe Santa doesn't want a little snack. Maybe he needs an entire meal in order to have the energy to put all the presents under the tree. Since you can't ask your kids to make a meal on the stove, you can ask them to create a sandwich for Santa. It'll fill his stomach.

7. A Thank You Note

Yes, Santa loves his food. However, if you want to teach your children to be polite, you can teach them how to write "thank you" notes at an early age. A genuine compliment means a lot more than a plate of food does. If your child learns to say thank you now, then they'll never forget to say it in the future.

If you're sick of cookies, tell your children about one of Santa's other favorite foods. After all, cookies aren't the only things that he's capable of eating.


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