‘Netflix Socks’ pause your show when you fall asleep

Smart socks able to detect if you doze off

Technology has its ways
Ever missed the best part of a movie cause you fell asleep? Sometimes, no matter how interesting the movie is, it’s just been a harsh day, and a few sips of wine after starting your favorite Netflix show is sure to put you right to sleep. But as always, technology has its ways of making our lives more comfortable, or in this case, allowing you to get comfortable without missing your show.

So thinking about us, the poor souls that fall asleep in the middle of our favorite show, Netflix created a pais of smart socks able to detect if you doze off and it automatically pauses your show. The “Netflix socks” use an Arduino microcontroller, batteries, an accelerometer, a button, LED lights, a pair of socks of course and a piece of felt. The accelerometer is responsible for sensing when the user stops moving, at which time the LED light starts flashing, warning that the program will be paused by the system.

The best part of this is that Netflix has actually revealed a step-by-step DIY guide so everyone can make their own ‘Netflix socks’ at home.


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