4 Cartoon Characters You'd Probably Bang Before The 'Sexy Navy Officer'

Who is the sexiest?

They all look so similar
Lately, Lasse Matberg has taken the Internet by storm because people think he's a ridiculously beautiful man with glorious hair and a tough-guy navy officer at the same time. He's kind of like a mashup of pretty boy and Viking.

After I looked at a few photos of the handsome gentleman, I couldn't help but think, "gee, this guy really looks like someone, but I'm not sure who..." Then, suddenly, I realized it's not that he looks like someone, but like a whole bunch of different characters from cartoons I watched as a kid. Of course!

Does that mean my childhood cartoon characters were total babes as well? You be the judge.

1. He-Man

Cartoonish, muscular dude with long blond hair literally describes both of them.

2. The Crimson Chin

The chin says it all.

3. Johnny Bravo

Sunglasses, disproportionately large upper body... wait, he might actually be Johnny Bravo

4. The Beast

The eyebrows check out.


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