7 Christmassy things to do this year

You still have a bit of time

Hurry up!
1. Christmas letters

Handwritten letters are always so memorable and special, so why not write some for Christmas? Christmas letters are nice to read some time after because they bring back so many lovely memories. I always keep any handwritten letters that I receive.

2. Christmas baking

There are so many festive foods you can make during Christmas, and baked foods are perfect for dessert. Whether you're baking some delicious gingerbread cookies or red velvet cupcakes with festive icing, you're surely going to please a lot of people who come to your house.

3. Visit somewhere festive

Visiting festive places is a good way to experience the festivity during this lovely season. I always love going to shopping malls with giant, beautifully-decorated Christmas trees. Simply going to these places with your loved ones can brighten your mood so much, even without spending a lot of money on presents.

4. christmas diy

DIY's are fun and satisfying ways to celebrate Christmas. You can make beautiful paper snowflakes or elegant Christmas tree ornaments to make your house festive and nice.

5. Make a christmas playlist

If you ever feel like Christmas playlists on apps don't entirely suit your music taste, why not make your own? It takes little time and you can play it in the background at home on shuffle. Having Christmassy music in the background is a great way to make your house more festive.

6. Light some scented candles

Having scented candles lit around the house brings lovely, festive scents that I think are perfect for this time of the year. It's also very cozy and comforting. Again, your house will be extra festive too.

7. Christmas coloring books

Coloring isn't just for kids! Adult coloring books are a great way to release your creativity. A lot of people also find it calming. It's very satisfying to help create something beautiful (and festive).


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