17 Reasons The Holidays Are Hell For Anyone Who’s Claustrophobic

Planes, trains, and ridiculously crowded shopping malls…These are a few of my least favorite things

Horrifying, unmanageable crowds
1. Because everyone thinks they can host a holiday potluck for 74 people in their super tiny apartment.

2. And there’s always a close-talker in attendance.

3. Malls and grocery stores are extra terrifying these days.

4. And shopping for gifts is really just a test of how much anxiety you’re willing to put up with for each person in your life.

5. If you’re traveling, you’ll probably have to get on board one of these actual flying nightmares.

6. Or maybe just spend 10 hours crammed into one of these rolling panic attacks.

7. And there will be traffic, because of course there will be.

8. A house full of family members is a wonderful thing that also gives you heart palpitations.

9. Turtlenecks are super festive ways to amplify your existing choking sensation.

10. And so are scarves. We’re trembling from fear, not temperature.

11. Sure, onesies are adorable. For some people.

12. Cuddling up by the fire? NO THANKS.

13. Want to go ice skating? HAVE FUN.

14. Holiday plays are nice…if you have a clear view of the emergency exit.

15. Literally any touristy holiday activity comes with a side of horrifying, unmanageable crowds.

16. That story about Santa coming down the chimney? WHY WOULD YOU TELL CHILDREN THIS?!

17. And then to cap it all off, there’s New Year’s Eve, or as claustrophobic people like to call it: a quiet night in.


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