17 Games You Shouldn't Let Men Play with You ...

Sending mixed signals and playing games with hearts

Don't waste your time
Men accuse us of sending mixed signals and playing games with their hearts all the time. However, they're guilty of it, too. Of course, you shouldn't let men play any games with you. If your boyfriend or crush does any of these things to you, don't waste your time with him:

1. He Uses You for Sex

You're not a sex object. Don't let a man sleep with you if he has no intention of becoming your boyfriend.

2. He Plays Hard to Get

We aren't the only ones who play hard to get. Sometimes, men will pretend they don't have time for us, or that they aren't interested in us, just to keep us interested.

3. He Flirts around

Don't date a player. If he claims he cares about you, then he shouldn't be flirting with every other girl he sees.

4. He Ghosts on You

Some men will treat you like a princess for a while, and then drop out of your life. They'll go MIA and you'll never find out why.

5. He Lies to You

Some men will flat-out lie to you about everything. They'll fib about where they're going, what they're doing, and how much they love you.

6. He Gives You Backhanded Compliments

Compliments are supposed to be flattering. If he ends up insulting you, then call him out on it. Don't let him be rude.

7. He Breaks up with You All the Time

Your relationship is unhealthy if you break up and get back together again twice a year. You're either together or you're not. Don't keep going back and fourth.

8. He Refuses to Show Interest

Some men will refuse to admit that they have feelings for you. They think that showing interest shows weakness.

9. He Tries to Make You Jealous

Some men will purposely try to make you jealous by talking to other women. If your man does that to you, tell him off. He shouldn't be trying to make you angry.

10. He Gives You Ultimatums

If he tells you that you need to ignore all of your male friends or he'll leave you, then you should be the one leaving him. He
should be compromising with you, not giving you ultimatums.

11. He Catcalls Women

If he catcalls other women, why would you date him? It's a form of sexual harassment.

12. He Ignores You

If he won't respond to your text messages, then stop texting him. There's no reason to try to keep in contact with someone who clearly doesn't care about you.

13. He Asks You to Change Your Appearance

He shouldn't ask you to lose weight or wear different types of clothes. He should like you just the way you are.

14. He Booty Calls You

Don't let him call you for random hookups. If he wants to kiss you, he should date you.

15. He Asks to Be Friends with Benefits

Don't be "friends with benefits" if you really want to be "boyfriend and girlfriend." It's not fair to you.

16. He Abuses You

Don't let a man abuse you physically or emotionally. It's not acceptable.

17. He Blackmails You

If he threatens to post your nude pictures online, leave him as soon as you can. He doesn't deserve to be with you.

Don't let a guy play games with your heart. You deserve someone who loves you and won't mess around with your emotions.


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