7 Things Every Makeup Addict Understands ...

What the life of a makeup addict is like

Obsessed with makeup
Some of us are obsessed with makeup. We just can't help it. But that's okay, because Cambio knows what the life of a makeup addict is like:

1. You'll Spend Your Last Dollar on a New Makeup Release

You can't be the only person around without the new lip kit. It'll drive you crazy.

2. There's No Such Thing as Last Minute Plans

You need plenty of time to do your makeup before you leave the house.

3. You'll Extend Your Day if Your Makeup is Beat

If your makeup looks amazing, you won't want to go to sleep. You'll want to go out and show off your fabulous look.

4. After Shopping for New Products, It'll Take Days to Get All Those Swatches off Your Hand

You don't mind it though, because you have to try them all out to see what they look like.

5. That Soul Crushing Feeling when Your Eyeliner Doesn't Match up

Even though you're obsessed with makeup, it doesn't mean you can do it perfectly. It's impossible to make both eyes match.

6. When Your Favorite Product Breaks

If the tip of your lipstick breaks, you'll feel like you lost a best friend.

7. Having to Take Your Makeup off at Night

You have so many products on your face that it takes a while to wipe them all away.


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