Stevie Wonder And James Corden Take A Drive And Belt The Classics

The American late-night crowd can be a tough one to crack

The chemistry between Corden and Wonder
mes Corden's star has long burned bright in the U.K. When he took over hosting responsibilities for the "The Late Late Show" earlier this year, however, he faced proving himself in front of America's hypercritical eyes while trying to make a unique imprint on the American late-night comedy landscape—no small feat.

The CBS press release announcing Corden as the CBS show's new host details his many accolades, which includes a Tony Award-winning Broadway performance for his leading role in "One Man, Two Guvnors." To make his transition from the Broadway stage to the late-night stage a success, Corden has developed recurring segments like "Carpool Karaoke," where he supposedly carpools to work with famous singers along for the ride.

Featuring legendary guests in the car like Stevie Wonder doesn't hurt, either. If the Sept. 14 episode proved anything, it was that Corden knows what the American late-night crowd wants, and what they want is to see that Stevie Wonder's still got it.

The chemistry between Corden and Wonder is apparent from the very start.

The skit kicks off with Wonder assuming the driving duties of the vehicle (he's blind), which would have been funny enough, but then Wonder mocks Corden's British accent as if they were long-time pals. "Don't start doing the accent," demands Corden, "You know it winds me up!"

Once Corden takes the wheel and the carpooling and karaoke action gets underway, a touching exchange occurs between the two. "My wife, I don't know [that she] really believes that I am in the car with you today," Corden candidly admits. Without skipping a beat Wonder offers to call up Corden's wife, stating "Teamwork makes the dream work."

The car and cameras are both still rolling when Corden's wife Julia picks up the phone. Wonder can't pass up the opportunity to mock Corden's British accent just one more time, but then proceeds to blow her away. "I just called, to say, James loves you," the multiple-Grammy-winning artist sings to the tune of "I Just Called to Say I Love You." Wiping away tears of joy, Corden can hardly contain himself as he realizes, "Oh my God, you just won me so many brownie points with my wife."

The American late-night crowd can be a tough one to crack, but if the popularity of skits like this continues, Corden will be seen entertaining his fans for years to come from 12:37 a.m. to 1:37 a.m.


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