A geometric planter that grows with your plants

A planter that uses geometric fabrication to expand with the plant

Growing up to 5 times
Anyone with a green thumb can vouch for how troublesome it can be to have a prospering plant. Of course it is satisfying to see your plant grow and spread out it’s leaves but that comes with certain amount of effort from the owner. As a plant continues to grow, sometimes even growing up to 5 times, the owner is responsible for uprooting the plant, and moving it into a larger planter where it has room to grow. This obviously comes with much more work than it sounds but the twin designer duo over at Studio Ayaskan invented a planter to actually grow with your plants.

The process of changing out a plant can be messy and annoying, potting soil going everywhere, strain on you back trying to lift the stubborn bugger to a new home, then refilling it to fit perfect in its fresh habitat. Studio Ayaskan eliminates all of this disarray by creating a planter that uses geometric fabrication to expand with the plant and its flourishing amplitude.

Entitled the “Expanding Origami Pot” rightfully so as it is based on actual origami formatting allowing for it to unfold with the expansion of the plant. A seedling can progress to fully mature tree in this holder, and you would not have to do a thing besides maybe add some more soil as it depletes. Currently the planter is not available for retail purchase, but stay tuned as the project hopefully gets picked up for mass distribution, allowing botanists to free up their hands a little.


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