52-year-old contortionist wows 'AGT' judges

Veher uses his skill to teach children at Circus School

Performance art and engineering
"America's Got Talent" viewers could not help but be totally captivated by Vello Vaher, a 52-year-old acrobat from Estonia. While his dialect made it difficult for Simon to distinguish between "geese" and "kids," none of that mattered once the performance started.

In short, Vaher's performance was a balancing act. He balanced his body on his hands so that he could hop across a platform of bricks, climb a rope, and ultimately hang from a mouthpiece all while his feet were behind his head!

Veher uses his skill to teach children at Circus School, helping them learn artistic skills associated with performance art. According to the website, he has been teaching young people and babies how to connect with circus, theater, and acrobatics since 1985. He was also the guiding voice of the 2002 book, "Gymnastics with Small Children." He continues to learn more about the craft as he pursues as master's degree in performance art and engineering.


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