These girls re-engineered underwear for women on their period

Created by the twins Miki and Radha Agrawal and friend Antonia Dunbar

New self-absorbent underwear
Imagine if you never again had to buy tampons or pads. That’s what 3 girls were thinking when they re-engineered new self-absorbent underwear that promises comfort and avoids the use of tampons! Created by the twins Miki and Radha Agrawal and friend Antonia Dunbar, THINX underwear are washable, seamless panties, which were developed with four layers of absorbent and resistant material.

“Women in our culture don’t want to talk about their periods — most still think about it as crass and disgusting,” Miki Agrawal, CEO and cofounder of THINX, told Forbes. “I want to change the culture around women’s most normal time of month — and not while wearing grandma panties or pads that feel like a diaper.”The panties were created to not only absorb menstruation preventing leaks, but also prevent the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. They look like regular panties and come in three different styles, each one for a specific time of the cycle.

The idea of ??Thinx came up when one of the founders went to South Africa and noticed that a girl was out of school on a weekday. When asked why she was not in class, the girl replied that it was because she was having her period – which she called her “week of shame”. After a bit of research, the founders of the company found that over 100 million girls around the world actually have to miss class during that time of the month due to lack of access to feminine hygiene products. Therefore, they decided that for each Thinx underwear they sold, they would donate seven washable, reusable pads to women in need.

With so many revolutionary options on the market, choosing reusable products is also a way of being considerate to the environment, since, on average, a woman uses 17.0000 disposable pads over their life, generating a huge amount of waste and causing environmental impacts.


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