17 Love Advice Cliches That You Shouldn't Actually Follow ...

Phrases you hear all the time that aren't actually true

Be careful about what you believe
There are certain phrases you hear all the time that aren't actually true. That's why you need to be careful about what you believe. Here are a few pieces of cliche love advice you don't actually want to follow:

1. Love Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

If you truly love someone, then you'll apologize to them whenever you hurt their feelings. It's the least that you could do.

2. Love Conquers All

Unfortunately, love alone isn't enough. If the timing of your relationship isn't right, or if you two want different things out of life, then you aren't going to work out, even though you love each other.

3. Opposites Attract

If you don't have anything in common with your partner, what are you going to talk about? What types of dates are you going to go on? Your different personalities could cause problems.

4. Never Have Sex on the First Date

You should do whatever you feel comfortable with. If you want to sleep with someone on the first date, and they feel the same way, then go for it.

5. Trust Your Gut

Your gut isn't always right. You should have a reason behind your actions. Don't just go with your gut whenever it's time to make a decision, or you could end up making the wrong one.

6. You Had Me at Hello

You might like someone as soon as you see them, but you can't love them the second they say hello to you. Love takes time to develop. It doesn't happen in an instant.

7. Actions Speak Louder than Words

Sometimes, you need to use your words. If you never tell your partner how much you love them, then they could end up feeling neglected.

8. Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

Even though you shouldn't judge someone based on their looks, you can usually spot a player when you see one. His appearance just might give his personality away.

9. It Comes when You Least Expect It

You won't get a job without looking for one. So if you want a man, it's okay to search for one.

10. Love like You’ve Never Been Hurt

The pain you've experienced in the past is important. You shouldn't let it hold you back, but you shouldn't forget about what it taught you, either.

11. Men Should Pay for Dinner

You're just as capable of pulling out your wallet as your man is. You can pay if you want to.

12. Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

There's another saying called, "Out of sight, out of mind." Sometimes, distance will pull you two apart.

13. Everything Happens for a Reason

If you bump into your ex at the mall, it isn't a sign that you should get back together with him. Coincidences happen.

14. Love is Blind

You shouldn't be searching for a man who looks flawless. However, you shouldn't date someone, unless you're attracted to them, either.

15. Don’t Kiss on the First Date

You can kiss him whenever you feel the urge. There's no time frame you need to follow.

16. Love the One You’re with

If you don't love the one you're with, leave him. You're not forced to stay.

17. If You Have to Ask Yourself if You're in Love, You Aren't

Love is a tricky thing. If you've never felt it before, it's normal for you to wonder if you're actually in love.


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