35 Cynical Collages That Tell Uncomfortable Truths About The World

Controversial collages to examine the “craziness of the modern world”

Incredibly thought-provoking
When the news bums you out too many days in a row, it’s time to make art. That’s what Joe Webbart is doing to help make sense of the “craziness of the modern world.”

The artist shared with Bored Panda that he makes collages from newspapers, mixing up one image with another (all which are usually sourced from the same magazine), to examine the contrast which exists on planet Earth.

He says:

“All of my images are hand-made, without the use of computers. I find the images in newspapers, magazines given on trains, buses and bins. My collages work to a basic rule of sourcing just two or three images. With these I can reinvent the original scene to communicate a new idea. I suppose I’ve become fairly anti-technology. Although I now promote my art on websites, own an iPhone and use Facebook. It’s confusing, I wish I had been born 100 years ago.”

Each collage is incredibly thought-provoking, to say the least.

1) Thirst II

2) Covering The Cracks

3) Camping

4) Cat Walk

5) Park Life

6) Thirst

7) International Response

8) Mixed Up

9) Arctic Tan

10) Distractions II

11) Atomic Tan

12) Tear Gass

13) Meat

14) Thirst III

15) Gucci

16) On A Platter

17) Entertaining The Troops

18) Jaws

19) Real Estate

20) Home Sweet Home II

21) Treadmill

22) Thirst

23) Fireworks

24) On The Beach

25) Harvest V

26) Seaside

27) Home Sweet Home III

28) Tune In

29) Freeze

30) Distractions

31) Life’s A Beach II

32) Advertisement Feature

33) Home Sweet Home

34) Life’s A Beach

35) Cloud Eaters


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