17 Superpowers Every Single Woman Has ...

We're capable of some pretty intense things

Realize your worth
Women are more impressive than most people give us credit for. After all, we're capable of some pretty intense things. You probably don't think about all of the wonders your body is capable of, but it's time for you to realize your worth. Here are a few superpowers that every single woman has:

1. Reading Your Friend’s Minds with Just One Look

We don't need to speak to our gal pals to know what they're thinking. We can just widen our eyes or twist our lips and our thoughts will be clear.

2. Walking in Heels

It's hard to balance in heels on concrete, let alone on grass. Of course, we can handle it, because we're just that talented.

3. Knowing when Your Period is Coming

We don't have to calculate when our period will come in order to know the information. Our bodies will let us know when it's close.

4. Giving Birth

Women are capable of miracles. We can actually push another human out of our bodies!

5. Breastfeeding

This is just as incredible as giving birth. Not only can we create another human, but we can feed another human.

6. Applying Makeup and Nail Designs

It takes precision to create winged eyeliner and to make pretty little designs on our nails. It's no easy feat.

7. Fitting into Skinny Jeans

No matter what you weigh, it's hard to get those skinny jeans up your legs. Buttoning them up is even worse.

8. Remembering Names

We remember the names of different clothing items, dance moves, and even the Kardashians. That's a lot of information.

9. Getting Deals

Most of us are thrifty. We won't pay fifty bucks for a makeup product, because we'll be able to figure out a way to get if for half price.

10. Smelling Amazing

Did you know that women have a natural scent that is appealing to the opposite sex? That means we don't even need perfume in order to make a man's head turn.

11. Knowing What’s in Your Closet without Looking

We can decide on an outfit for the next day while sitting in class. We don't have to look in our closets to know what's inside of them.

12. Multitasking

We can text our friends while working on an essay while listening to music. We don't stick to doing one thing at a time, because we know we can do it all.

13. Dealing with Men

It's a miracle that we're able to tolerate the way some men speak to us. Some people just don't know how to treat a lady.

14. Being Flexible in the Shower

Think about all of the positions you have to contort your body into when you shower. In order to shave, we have to be pretty darn flexible.

15. Having a High Pain Tolerance

Men freak out if they get their chests waxed or eyebrows plucked. Meanwhile, we're constantly enduring pain in order to look pretty.

16. Having Multiple Orgasms

Men aren't as lucky as we are. They have to stop having sex as soon as they finish. Of course, we can go all night long.

17. Turning Men on

Women are capable of turning men on from miles away. All it takes is one sexy picture of you to get a guy going.


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