8 Unspoken Social Rules that You should know before visiting Japan

They might surprise you, disgust you, or make you become curious

There is no loss in knowing that
Are you coming to Japan? If say so, there are some unspoken rules you should know before. They might surprise you, disgust you, or make you become curious about Japan. Anyway, there is no loss in you knowing that.

#1 Stand on the left side of Escalators

People stand the left side of escalators and the right side is for people who walk faster. However, there is an exception which is in Osaka. People stand opposite side in Osaka.

#2 You don't need to leave a tip anywhere

No tipping custom in Japan. You don't need leave a tip even if you had a great service. Just tell them your gratitude.

#3 Don't assume that everybody can speaks English

English is used as the official language the most in the world. Tokyo has lots of people from other countries, but not necessarily Japanese can speak English.

#4 Stand in Line

Tokyo has a high population density.Therefore where people want to go always crowded. That means you need to stand in line to wait or give up.

#5 Hesitate to speak Loudly in public transportation

Especially Western countries, people talk friendly in public transportation. But in Japan, people usually keep quiet. If you talk loudly in a train, you will be paid attention.

#6 Tattoo is not welcome at a certain place

Tattoo is usually unwelcome at the hot spring or public bathhouses. If you want to visit these places, hide them as possible as you can.

#7 It's not easy to find Wi-fi spot

You might be surprised. It's harder to find free wi-fi spot than other countries. But don't worry, we have starbucks!!

#8 Slurp noodles

To slurp noodles is not rude in Japan. Because Japanese think you can taste it entirely by slurping.


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