How to Create a Cute Cut Crease with Your Eye Shadow

As long as you create them correctly

Look absolutely adorable
Cut creases can look absolutely adorable, as long as you create them correctly. According to Bustle, here's how to create a cut crease with your eye shadow:

1. Apply a Primer

Make sure you apply your primer before you apply your eyeshadow.

2. Apply a Transition Shade

Your best bet is to use a light matte brown. Pick something that's a little darker than your skin tone.

3. Stick to Mattes when Creating a Crease

Use even darker browns than your transition shades to deepen the crease.

4. Use a Fluffy Brush

It's time to blend, and a fluffy brush is the best way to do that!

5. Hold Your Brush at an Angle

If you hold it upright, it'll create a rough line. That's why you have to remember to hold it at an angle.

6. Blend out with a Transition Shade

Soften your eyeshadow by returning to using your transition shade.

7. Do the Lid Last

Now it's time to add some shimmery shadow to your lid, and then you're done!


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