DIY Crochet Snail Amigurumi Free Patterns

Cute for home decoration or fairy garden addition

Having fun!

You may don’t want snails on your veggie garden, but as for toys, snails are so lovely and adorable, don’t you think? I tend to love these little shell creatures as the snails along with other creatures on our planet are truly beautiful ones. It is so amazing that a group of different sized snails can be cute for home decoration or fairy garden addition. Or if you can make it bigger as decorative pillows for car or living room. It is truly a piece of the real creativeness and I would like to try me hooks on this projects.All the collection we have here comes with free pattern, some can be translated into English with the google translation button on the right side of the post we are going to link you to. They are pretty easy to follow with a simple video at the bottom, choose your favorite design and make sure to choose right color combinations for these lovely creatures. Having fun!


Crochet Snail Free Pattern

Snail Pin Cushion Free Pattern

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